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Complementary Courses

Blueberry School has a wide variety of complementary courses, from animal health to programming and web design. Whether you're into sports or sciences, arts or leadership, there's something for you!


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Course Descriptions

Advanced Art (Gr. 8/9)

Prerequisite: Art 7

Art is a highly valuable subject in today's changing word as it confronts students with problem solving. The program is very flexible and allows students to diverge into many different areas. All projects will be highly visible and displayed.

Course Fee: $15

Animal Health

If you love animals, then this course is for you! Students in this course will increase their understanding of how to care for and manage animals. Learning the physiology of the cat, dog and horse is just the beginning of learning how to care for animals. Getting to know local veterinarians and community members involved in agriculture, and learning how to groom are a few highlights that students can look forward to. 

Course Fee: Approximately $15 for extended field trips


Students will gain an understanding of the basic skills in Badminton. Through skills training, practice and mini game sessions, students will build their confidence to take on an intramural program at Blueberry School. Students will be expected to be changed and ready to participate in all classes.


Do you have an interest in stop-motion movie making? If so, Claymation is for you! You will write a short storyboard, create your clay figures and make a stop motion video. No artistic ability necessary, but come with the willingness to learn, creativity to design and a lot of patience to fine tune your clay objects. Students will need to either purchase their own clay or pay $10 for the clay through the school.

Course Fee: $7


Do you love makeup, nail design or styling hair? Then this class is for you!

In Cosmetology, you will have the opportunity to explore makeup application and nail care. We will learn about makeup brushes and their uses, discover how to take proper care of makeup tools, and master a variety of makeup application techniques. You will also have the chance to bring your unique ideas to the table, and learn some new skills to create some great looks!

If time permits, we will also practice some basic hair designs that, once mastered, you can use every day!

Course Fee: $30

Digital Design

This course has two purposes, calling on students to:

  1. Survey existing technologies (audio, graphics, animation, scanning, digital cameras and internet) that can be used to design and create multimedia material.
  2. Design a project which uses the computer program, PowerPoint, to focus on a core curriculum topic. 

Students will explore topics which will be used to enhance their final media products. Students are required to purchase a USB memory key to enable them to transfer and save files.

Course Fee: $10-$20

Floor Hockey

Students will gain an understanding of the basic skills of Floor Hockey. Through skills training, practice and game sessions, students will build their confidence to take on an intramural program at Blueberry School. Students will be expected to be changed and ready to participate in all classes.

Fun With Food!

Cooking made simple: no oven required. If you would like to try easy meal and dessert recipes, this a class for you. Prepare basic stovetop recipes that you can prepare at home. Students will use basic ingredients and recipes that do not require an oven.  Students get to eat everything they prepare in class.

Course Fee: $30

Hammer & Nails

If you are interested in introductory carpentry, this is the course for you! In this class, you will build bird houses and jewelry boxes, and learn basic carpentry safety skills.

Course Fee: Approximately $30


The Leadership group will focus on student wellness and learn effective leadership skills that aid in becoming a responsible citizen. Students will be engaged in activities that help to develop a positive whole school community.

Activities may include:

  • Participating in leadership and cooperative games
  • Planning spirit days
  • Mentoring younger grades
  • Reading daily announcements
  • Organizing and leading school wide activities (friendship club, intramurals, jump into gym etc).
  • Organizing healthy initiatives (healthy eating awareness, hats off for mental health etc.)
  • Recycling program

In the past, Leadership has been heavily involved in various school events like the Monster Mash and Talent Show. These activities may continue, change or be added to based on student interest and initiative.

Model United Nations (MOCK-UN)

In our Model United Nations, you will work alongside fellow students to try to resolve an issue of global concern. This option develops leadership skills, opens your eyes to possible career choices and shows you what it really means to be a global citizen.

Students will represent countries and their values in debates, and will engage in structured discussions on economic, political and other global issues.

Passion Project

In this class, students will be able to pursue their personal interests.

Want to explore science? Go get your lab coat! Want to get a start on your dreams of being an author? Get writing! Perhaps you want to learn a new language - ca c'est magnifique! Or maybe you want to build a historical model - well then grab yourself a glue gun, because you are going to need it!

Students will decide on a meaningful project of their own choice, and tailor their learning to their own interests - within reason of course. No trebuchets, please and thank you! 

Course Fee: Students will responsible for providing their own materials for this class.


Students will use LEGO Mindstorms kits to construct devices designed to address problems presented by given scenarios, then assess how well their design ideas worked when put into practice. All of the work for this course is done in teams, usually of two students.

Course Fee: $20

Science Extension

Ever wondered how something works? Science Extension is your chance to pick a problem and share the solutions with a group of your peers.

Course Fee: There is no course fee for this course. However, if you would like to take your display home, there will be a charge of approximately $10.

Speak Out

In this class, students will have the opportunity to build their confidence through speech, acting and debate. Students will improve their skills through various assignments and interactive games.  

Sports Leadership

In Sports Leadership, students will work together to design their own original sport, while learning how and committing to scorekeep the home volleyball games during the season.

Track & Field

This course will allow students to examine and improve the skills they need to excel at all track and field events we offer in Parkland School Division. Students will be participating, learning and practicing the skills of all the running, jumping and throwing events. Be changed and ready to go outside!

Volleyball Skills

Students will learn all the basic skills of volleyball and team play systems, while playing through a variety of different game situations.

“Bite of Blueberry” - Grade 7 Mini-Complementaries 

Grade seven students have a unique opportunity to get a "taste" of what our complementary courses have to offer at Blueberry. Each of the four courses listed below will be offered in six week (half-term) time slots. Enjoy!

Art 7

This class is a brief introduction to art concepts. Students will learn a variety of skills, which they may choose to build on in Advanced Art during Term 3.

Music 7

In this six-week course, students will use the skills they learned in elementary music to play, create, and perform music in one of the following units:  

  • Uke'n do it!
  • Rock On!
  • Ringin' in the New Year
  • Music in the Digital Age

Active Living 7

Students will experience a variety of physical activities in individual and group settings, while learning how their personal fitness goals support an active, healthy lifestyle. Be prepared to dress for the weather!

Food 7

This is a beginner-level food studies class where students will learn important cooking and baking skills in addition to basic kitchen and food safety.  

Course Fee: $10


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