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Principal: Mrs. Sheryl Bridgeman
Student Population: 585

Mail Bag 700
1532 Parkland Drive
Stony Plain, AB
T7Z 1Y6

Phone: 780-963-3625
Fax: 780-963-4491

Blueberry School is located approximately 10 minutes west of Stony Plain, Alberta on Parkland Drive, and currently consists of approximately 585 students. We serve Kindergarten to Grade 9 students in an inclusive setting. Blueberry School staff are able to meet the needs of all learners in an inclusive classroom environment using strong instructional practices, as well as numerous strategies and supports for students, such as differentiation of instruction, varied assessment methods and educational technology.

Blueberry School is founded on a culture of teamwork, which is manifested in the collaborative teamwork of parents, staff and students. Focal areas for all work at Blueberry School revolve around creating a safe and caring environment, excellence in curricular and extracurricular areas and expectations of quality learning. Blueberry School (BBS) has spectacular staff, fabulous students, and terrific parents and community. The combination creates a special atmosphere in the school and gives students the tools they need to succeed.

Positive Culture

Parents, students and staff recognize the positive culture at Blueberry School and the emphasis on citizenship and social responsibility as well as academic rigour and learning. Staff model and teach the characteristics of good citizenship, emphasize student strengths and encourage all students to reach their potential.

In our parents’ own words:

  • My child's attitude about school: "Ever since my child started at Blueberry she is motivated to do well and keep up with her homework. She has become very organized, disciplined and uses time management skills. This is so important to her future success. She asks more questions in class and is more confident and I am very grateful."

  • Great Community: "We had heard great things about Blueberry when planning to move our kids. We were pleased to find they are all true. There is a real sense of community, the teachers care about the students’ progress and well-being."

  • Cooperative, friendly-natured administration and staff: "My child loves the school and feels very safe at Blueberry and loves the family like atmosphere with everyone at the school, including administration, teachers, and other students. I believe that this school genuinely cares about the feedback it receives from parents and uses it in a positive way."

  • A friendly and giving atmosphere: "Blueberry School has the best teachers and staff! I love the work they do around anti-bullying. I really enjoy the school assemblies as you see students perform and they are a great way to build community. Blueberry helps students understand the importance of helping others. They fundraise for a variety of charities such as Caring Kids and Terry Fox. I like not having to fight with my kids in the morning to come to school. They really enjoy school!"

Citizenship is a large part of the school culture. We have student-led assemblies 4-5 times per year. Our Junior High Leadership group and our Elementary Caring Kids group involve many students who give back to community organizations and support a variety of causes. Students take part in their community by raising funds each year for a community group, a provincial or national organization and an international organization. The students and staff have raised funds for such groups as the Stony Plain Kinsmen Christmas Hampers, Terry Fox, Boomer’s Legacy, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Children's Diabetes Foundation, Free the Children and World Vision.

Looking to the Future

Leadership and citizenship are ways that students at Blueberry School are preparing for the future. Academic success is a priority at Blueberry School, as are the skills and process that will make our students successful in high school and beyond.

Throughout the school year, students are given the opportunity to be leaders in the community and to learn about their future including the “World of Work”. Students in Grades 8 and 9 have previously attended the NAIT Open House and various grades take part in workshops through the Junior Achievement program. At NAIT, students learned about some possible career paths and how their education can lead them there, while Junior Achievement focused on business and financial literacy skills in an interactive format. Blueberry students also participated in Skills Alberta. These experiences provided students with first-hand opportunities that allowed them to begin considering the world of work options for themselves.

Unique Features Of Our School Include:

  • A community atmosphere built on a heritage of community involvement.

  • High expectations for continuous learning for staff and students alike.

  • Strong academic programming in early and middle years.

  • A wide range of complementary and CTF courses.

  • Strong fine arts and sports programs.

  • A strong extracurricular program.

  • Close partnerships with Children and Adolescent Mental Health services, which coordinate appropriate supports for all students. Key contacts within the school act as liaisons between students/families and community agencies.

  • In-school targeted support groups focusing on such areas as social skills, developing personal self-regulating strategies, coping with difficult emotions, fostering and maintaining positive relationships and personal reflection.

  • Many opportunities for student leadership at all levels.

  • Active community School Council and School Fundraising Committee

  • Integration of students with special needs and resource and enrichment programming.

  • A spacious, well-maintained building including unique features such as two gyms, an inviting learning commons with a large collection of print materials, and spacious multi-use areas.

Technology and Innovation

Blueberry School is proud of the meaningful integration of technology to engage students and support learning. Technology is available in all classrooms at the point of instruction, rather than being in a stand-alone lab. The investment into the Wi-Fi network at the school, G Suite for Education and portable computers has enhanced our technology integration.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is another aspect of this seamless integration of technology into education, allowing students the freedom to access their own personalized device whenever it is appropriate. Technology allows students to engage and collaborate in ways that they were unable to before. Students are able to use a school-owned device if they are not able to bring in their own. Assistive Technology supports are available to all students.

Fine Arts and Second Language Programming

We offer a full elementary music program staffed by a specialist teacher. In this class, students are exposed to singing, instrumentation and theory. Through this music program, students perform for the community at several events, including the Christmas Concert and the PSD Choral Celebration.

In Grades 7-9, students have access to fine arts programming through our complementary courses. Students are able to take music, art and drama at a variety of levels. These strands of the Fine Arts come together in an annual Spring Musical.

There are opportunities for students to take part in many fine art activities at our school. Cultural activities generally take place once or twice per year.

All students in Grades 4-6 take French as a Second Language (FSL) and all Grade 7-9 students have the option of enrolling in FSL.