Blueberry School Newsletter Archive en-us Thu, 20 Sep 2018 03:32:59 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 Blueberry Bulletin - Sept. 4, 2018 Here's our first edition of the Blueberry Bulletin for 2018-19.  It's full of useful information and dates.  Please take a minute to have a look at it.  The first copy was sent home to all students in paper form.  From now on though, only digital copies will be sent out each month so make sure you're checked "yes" to CASL on your child's Powerschool account so that we can send them to you digitally.   Grade 8 and 9 students will receive a paper copy of the newsletter on Monday. Enjoy! Archive Archive News from Blueberry School 1. As some of you may have experienced, we were having some difficulties with our students next year homerooms and report cards at the end of June.  Hopefully this is all resolved now.  Here is the information to find out your "tentative" homeroom for 18-19: To find out your child's homeroom teacher for the 2018-2019 school year, please log into your Power School account and click on "My Schedule" found on the left hand menu bar.   Please note we reserve the right to make last minute class changes in August as we need to respond to late registrations and families moving in and out of the Blueberry catchment area. Our only purpose in moving students would be to ensure classes are as well balanced as possible.  You will be notified in late August or early September if we need to move your child into a different classroom than originally designated.   2. As well, just a reminder that July 8th is the deadline to pre-order your child's school supplies through the Staples School Tools program.  To do this, please follow the instructions on the Supply List page on our website: Archive Archive Blueberry Bulletin - June 28, 2018 Here's our last Blueberry Bulletin of 2017-18.   The Blueberry Staff would like to wish you all a safe and relaxing summer and we'll see you back on September 4th. Archive Archive