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Complementary Courses

Blueberry School has a wide variety of complementary courses, from animal health to programming and web design. Whether you're into sports or sciences, arts or leadership, there's something for you!


To register for your choice of complementary courses offered in Term 1, please complete our Term 1 Complementary Course Sign Up Form. (Coming Soon)

Course Descriptions

The following are possible options that may be offered for 2018-2019 school year. Options will be finalized based on student interest at the beginning of September.

Advanced Art (Gr. 8/9)

Prerequisite: Art 7

Materials: 1 sketchbook 12” x 18”, appropriate school supplies, 3 art pencils HB–8B. The sketchbook is a vital component of the course. All sketches, designs and notes are recorded in this book. It will be marked to assess progress.

Assessment: Based on effort and artistic ability.

Art is a highly valuable subject in today’s changing world as it confronts students with problem solving. The program is very flexible and allows students to diverge into many different areas. All projects will be highly visible and displayed.

Course Fee: TBA


Do you have an interest in stop-motion movie making? If so, Claymation is for you! You will write a short storyboard, create your clay figures and make a stop motion video. No artistic ability necessary, but come with the willingness to learn, creativity to design and a lot of patience to fine tune your clay objects. Students will need to either purchase their own clay or pay $10 for the clay through the school.

Course Fee: TBA


The Leadership group will focus on student wellness and learn effective leadership skills that aid in becoming a responsible citizen. Students will be engaged in activities that help to develop a positive whole school community.

Activities may include:

  • Participating in leadership and cooperative games
  • Planning spirit days
  • Mentoring younger grades
  • Reading daily announcements
  • Organizing and leading school wide activities (friendship club, intramurals, jump into gym etc).
  • Organizing healthy initiatives (healthy eating awareness, hats off for mental health etc.)
  • Recycling program

In the past, Leadership has been heavily involved in various school events like the Monster Mash and Talent Show. These activities may continue, change or be added to based on student interest and initiative.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is proving to be a popular program for Blueberry students. Students who enjoy challenges, physical activity and outdoor sports should sign up. Students will be expected to be properly changed and participating to the best of their ability.

Activities being planned may include the following components:

  • Cross-country running
  • Archery
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking trip to Jasper

Course Fee: TBA


Have you ever wondered how the computer games you play make it onto the screen? Have you wondered how your calculator always knows the right answer? How does facebook know which friends you want to follow? The answer, my friends is PROGRAMMING! Every computer you've ever used is a box that contains a language for telling that computer what to do. In this course you will be introduced to various introductory online programming languages.


From traffic lights to car manufacturers to satellites orbiting the earth, robots are everywhere. Students will use Ozobots robotic equipment to enter the fascinating world of robotics and learn about the modern information technology that equips robots to perform a wide variety of jobs. Students will then teach what they have learned to their younger peers in elementary.

Course Fee: TBA

Science Extension

Do you like hands-on, inquiry and activity based science? Do you have a strong desire to learn? Are you a keen, self-motivated learner with good independent work habits? If so, then this course may be for you. Science extension is an enrichment program for students of all ability levels. The program will be designed to allow the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge.

Some of the topics the class has explored and may explore again include:

  • Blood and Guts (Animal Systems & Organs)
  • Extreme Earth Events
  • How Stuff Works
  • Your Gross and Cool Body
  • Careers in Science
  • Microorganisms
  • Famous Scientists
  • Science Olympics
  • Oceanography
  • Paleontology
  • Raptors (Birds of Prey)
  • Microscope Works
  • Model Rocketry

There is no course fee for this course. However, if you would like to take your display home, there will be a charge of approximately $10.

Skills Alberta

Students will focus on developing nine essential skills that companies look for in potential employees - these are the skills that people need to master to be successful in work, learning and life. Students will also participate in the Cardboard Boat Races to be held at the end of January 2019.

Sports Leadership

In Sports Leadership, students will work together to design their own original sport, while learning how and committing to scorekeep the home volleyball games during the season.

Volleyball Skills

Students will gain an understanding of the basic skills in Volleyball. Through skills training, practice and mini game sessions, students will build their confidence to take on an intramural program at Blueberry School. Students will be expected to be changed and ready to participate in all classes and will commit to reffing the intramural program with Grade 4-6 students during one lunch recess a week.

Wipeout Wabamun

Explore the environmental impact of oil spills on the environment, specifically at Wabamun Lake. The oil spill at Wabamun impacts our community. Are you ready to explore some creative solutions to the problems this spill has created?

In this course, you will study the wildlife and fish of Wabamun Lake impacted by the oil spill through research, fishing and water sampling. You will explore solutions to the problem and have the opportunity to present you findings to others.

The spill at Wabamun has had a direct impact on the community and is therefore relevant to the students at Blueberry. Students will have the opportunity to go to Wabamun to work directly with water and wildlife samples. Students will have the opportunity to share their findings and solutions with the community by sharing a report of their results.

I hope you are up to the challenge and are ready for some exciting analysis and investigating! 

“Bite of Blueberry” - Grade 7 Mini-Complementaries 

Grade seven students have a unique opportunity to get a "taste" of what our complementary courses have to offer at Blueberry. Each of the four courses listed below will be offered in six week (half-term) time slots. Enjoy!

Art 7

Art will be an introduction to drawing and the "artist’s eye”.

Course Fee: TBA

Drama 7

This class serves as an introduction to the dramatic arts. Students will develop skills in acting, improvisation, movement and speaking. There will also be some instruction around stage construction, sound, lighting, makeup, costumes and props.


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